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At Super SA we know that looking after your financial health helps you take care of those around you. That's why we've created this education hub to help you take charge of your super.

What does accessing your super now mean for your retirement?

We all know superannuation is designed to be a long-term investment to help you fund your retirement. There are strict rules on when you can access your super so you maximise the amount of money you have when you decide to retire.

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We know women deserve every chance possible to ensure they get the best possible outcome in retirement. We've partnered with Money101 to provide some simple, straightforward solutions about how you can get your super working for you. 

As a Super SA member, you can access these short and easy financial education units which are packed full of tips and resources to give you the next steps to take in your financial wellbeing.

Women and SuperA woman's road to financial independence
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Navigating life during a global pandemic might have had you thinking about what’s important to you. You may have discovered a new hobby, uncovered an old one, or found something else you really enjoy. 

Ease into retirement and enjoy the things you love

Steer your retirement savings back on track

If you decide to withdraw from your super, remember that there are steps you can take to steer your super back on track when your financial situation improves.

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Women and money

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What is your super milestone?

Birthdays, a new job, getting married, babies, divorce, kids growing up…we know that life is busy. With so much else happening, it can be easy to overlook your super.

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